Paid Work Request (Scanner Object)

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  • A Need for a object capable of using a attached Scanner. here is a brief overview of functions and actions, We are willing to offer prospective developers around 300.00 US to code this object.

    Scanner Object


    *Enumerate devices
    *Set device
    *set dpi
    *Bit per pixel (1,4,8,16,24,32)
    *Flatbed/Document Feeder
    *set scan area X by Y (topleft) X by Y (bottomright) set area value (for multiple areas to scan)
    * On error get error code and description
    * Scan Preview
    * Scan Full
    * Scan Areas value x to value X (put 1 and 1 for one area)
    * re-start scanner service
    * Scan in Black/White
    * Scan in Color


    *Is the scan complete
    *is their a scan error
    *Is device scanning

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