[Beta] File Stream Object

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  • This extension was requested by Alonso to be able to open files and do stuff with them without loading any part of the file into memory - it keeps the file stream open for you to do your modifications on it. It is great for very large files when you only need to get or change a part of the file. Please post in this thread if you find any bugs.

    Download: Please login to see this link.

    Working as fast as I can on Fusion 3

  • Hi LB,
    With Thanks again, Besides the memory address of the loaded file which we talked about previously, I have noticed that there is no posibility to place the position of the cursor backwards once the cursor position is already passed a place after a reading. More of control over the stream can be achieved if there are posibilities to set the position of the coursor where it is required as well as to be able to select some defined part of the file to stream for the sake of easy navigation in case, the purpose of using the extension is editorial.


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  • It's been a long time, but I have had requests to make this object Unicode compatible. As a result, I have completely rewritten it in EDIF and added new features to boot. You can download the new version Please login to see this link. - consider it to be a beta version for now. First, remove all instances of "FileStream.mfx" from your Fusion directory (they should be in /Extensions/ and /Data/Runtime/), then extract the zip to your Fusion directory. If you want to revert back to the previous version, again you need to remove all instances of "FileStream.mfx" from your Fusion directory (they should be in /Extensions/Unicode/ and /Data/Runtime/Unicode/) and then reinstall the old version from the Extension Manager inside Fusion, or from Please login to see this link..

    Please test it and let me know of any issues. If everything works fine, it will be released officially.

    New features include:

    • Actual error handling - you can now use On Error and be notified of problems and mistakes while working with file streams
    • Unicode support - unicode filenames are supported and you can read and write both UTF-8 and UTF-16/Unicode strings to/from files
    • You can now change the read/write cursor positions before reading or writing
    • More options for string handling, specifically length-terminated strings are now supported in the form of a four-byte integer size preceding the string and no null terminator

    Changed features:

    • The "File is OK" condition will now only be false if the file is in an unrecoverable state. If a read/write error occurred that is recoverable, you can still work with the file, but if this condition is false you must close the file and try again. Typically this could happen if you are reading/writing a file to a flash drive that is pulled out during the operation.

    Removed features:

    • The "clear error state" action is no longer supported because it is no longer necessary - recoverable error states are cleared automatically before each read/write operation. All error types, both recoverable and unrecoverable, now trigger On Error.
  • You should add named pipe handling to this extension. It's weird---just today I was trying to do that with the old version in the manager. How coincidental.

    But yeah, CreateNamedPipe would be super useful for extension interoperability that requires files yet you don't want to write a temporary file.

  • Hi, LB!
    I'm now testing your new version. I found issue here.
    "Close File Stream" function weird displays in the he Event Editor, the Event List Editor and the Action Editor.

    This function seems doesn't work if this object inherited from the previous version (I never insert new object and replace events.).

    Please login to see this picture.

  • SuperDisk: It's on the todo list now :)

    ASD: Whoops, that was a copypaste error.

    New beta version v1.1.1 is available Please login to see this link. which fixes ASD's bug as well as some others that were sent to me privately. Please test again and let me know of any issues.

    Working as fast as I can on Fusion 3

  • Please login to see this link. which adds some new much-needed functionality:

    • Added condition to test if the read cursor is at the end of the file
    • Added expressions that make it easier to read strings - UTF8/16 expressions to read a specific number of whole characters (rather than code points) and to read until a sentry string (e.g. newline or comma)

    The expression for reading until a sentry string should make it really easy to deal with text files.

    Try it out and let me know of any issues or feature requests. I think this will be the last beta version until I officially release it. The official release will contain commented examples of how to use all the aspects of the extension.

    Working as fast as I can on Fusion 3

  • Is it not as simple as switching to the v120_xp or v140_xp compiler variants Mr. LB?

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  • They're compatible with Vista+ too. I think it's just a performance difference, and mostly based on OS-interacting calls.

    Darkwire Software Lead Programmer (C++ & C#)
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  • Version 1.2.1 has been officially released:
    Please login to see this link.
    XP support should be working.

    Report any issues in this thread.

    Working as fast as I can on Fusion 3

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