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  • Can't get it to work either atm. :(

    EDIT: I was able to include a custom font by following this article about using Please login to see this link.. It's similar to the other articles posted here. But I only got it working with a font that had no variants. I did not work with another font that has regular, italic and bold variants. I wonder if Clickteam is managing fontNamesForFamilyName like stated in the article I linked above?

    EDIT2: I'm using build 254 beta 4 Unicode.

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  • I had a problem getting it to work but I found a solution...

    In XCode, click your project, the top icon, in the navigator on the left, then go to the "Build Phases" tab, click the + and then add your font file in there. That should sort it!

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  • Looks like something odd happened with the most recent Beta. I can no longer get custom fonts to show up either. I used to add them to the resource's info-plist file manually, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. Also, I am using Xcode 4.3.2 and there is no "font" option under build phases. Can you explain that a bit further, DistantJ?

    Please login to see this link.

  • It looks like Beta 9 doesn't read List Objects correctly now. So the lack of any text was not due to the font being installed or not. It had to do with me populating all my strings from List Objects. So at the moment, I don't have any strings that I can test this out with. :( Sorry for the confusion.

    Please login to see this link.

  • This is weird - i use Myriad Pro (.ttf) on windows and have done the steps above (1. add to resources with add to target, 2. edited the info.plist, 3. font is visible in build phases (copy bundle resources).

    but the app doesnt use/display the font. I use Condensed Versions of the font, so i copied myriadprocond.ttf over - but no luck...

  • Hello,

    Small question,
    "iOS Box Edition Single Line" does not support customization of Fonts.

    Well change my text, but not the Edit Box

    Any idea?



    Petite question,
    "iOS Boîte d'Edition Mono-Ligne" ne fonctionne pas avec la customisation des Fonts.

    Mes textes changent bien, mais pas les boites d'éditions

    Une idée ?


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