Beta 1 after build 254

Welcome to our brand new Clickteam Community Hub! We hope you will enjoy using the new features, which we will be further expanding in the coming months.

A few features including Passport are unavailable initially whilst we monitor stability of the new platform, we hope to bring these online very soon. Small issues will crop up following the import from our old system, including some message formatting, translation accuracy and other things.

Thank you for your patience whilst we've worked on this and we look forward to more exciting community developments soon!

  • Hello,

    The 1st beta after the official release of the build 254 is available.

    Please login to see this link.
    Please login to see this link.

    Thanks for testing!


    Bug fixes and new features in Beta 1

    - Non-PC runtimes (including SWF) : the collision detection is now faster.
    - Non-PC runtimes (including SWF) : sometimes the active object kept its previous animation direction.
    - All runtimes (including SWF) : set animation speed had no effect for objects with static movements.
    - Non-PC runtimes / Drag & Drop movement (including SWF) : sometimes the object was not selected when you clicked on it.

  • I recently updated to this and now my UI objects with 'follow the frame' unchecked follow the frame when built to flash.

    Edit: Actually I think there is something wrong with my mfa. An older version of it works fine. Odd.

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