how switch on the led (caps lock, scroll lock, num lock) in the keyboard??

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  • I Want turn on the led in my keyboard in virtual way. example:
    variable a=1 led, led Caps lock ON in my keyboard.
    variable a=0 led, led Caps lock OFF in my keyboard.
    I used the extension "control, x" but non work in emulated keyborad for this key.
    is there a way to turn the LEDs on the keyboard with a virtual simulator?

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  • From what I know, I don't think there is. Maybe someone else would know better, because I don't really make applications as much as I make games.

    My Please login to see this link. (which I actually use), my Please login to see this link. (which I mostly don't use), and my Please login to see this link. (which I don't use anymore pretty much at all really). If there are awards for "'highest number of long forum posts", then I'd have probably won at least 1 by now. XD

  • Wow that was a helpful response.

    Daniele, when you say "virtual simulator", do you mean you are running windows through a virtual machine? Something like Virtual Box? Because if you are, then there is no way to toggle the LED because the simulated machine only has a simulated capslock setting and therefore no actual LED.

    Using the Control X object, you are able test the state of Capslock plus toggle it at will. Did you know this?

  • hello am sure you can, I found the function with extension "control x". However, when I have a problem and can not find the solution, so that the public an example, if someone has my same problem, can fix it. thanks anyway for Vestre risaposte. sorry but I am Italian and know little English and I explained definitely hurt my request.
    check the LEDs on your keyboard, light up according to the virtual buttons pressed

  • You can not control the LEDs. You can only control their related keys (Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Num Lock) and hope that the LEDs aren't burnt out. This means you can not have the Caps Lock LED on and type text normally without inverting your usage of shift.

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  • It works, I have to control three relays, and relays to turn these three, I need the 'application that I created with MMF2
    I have to turn the LED caps with an instruction and the software that I created, do not have a keyboard connected to PC, but a touch screen monitor. The function caps lock, num lock and scroll lock are used by me as an external controller to turn on three relays through the instructions with mmf2 and therefore works very well.

    My Professional Software House Automation realized with MMF2.5 dev
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  • Control X is the best for this.

    Here are the Keycodes for keys...

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