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  • Please login to see this picture.The Format Object allows you to define data formats and then use them to save and load data.

    The latest version (even beta versions) can always be downloaded here: Please login to see this link.

    The version Release 1 is attached to this post, check later posts for more recent release versions.

    Quote from Format Object Help File

    In the past, in order to use a certain format at all, either an extension had to be written for it or binary array objects had to be used with a headache of code. I got tired of there not being a better way to support various file formats with ease in MMF2 so I made Format Object. It doesn't work too well for text-based formats such as JSON, XML, HTML, INI, etc, but it works great for uncompressed binary formats. To use it you actually define the format yourself within the object, and then use that format you just defined to save and load data.

  • Ah, this happens in MMF2.0 as well and is caused by a really really old EDIF bug. I don't have time to recompile the extension at the moment, but I did manage to use a text editor to fix the MFX file by hand. See if this version works:
    Please login to see this link.

    I'll do a new release as soon as I can.

    Working as fast as I can on Fusion 3

  • Thank you, it's working now. You just did a single change in a text editor? :)

    The file is nearly 4 times larger than the file installed from Extension Manager. :D That's odd.

  • Ah, the version I modified must have been a debug version. All I did was edit a part of the internal JSON file to replace some erroneous text with spaces so the file would have the same size and the JSON would parse correctly.

    I've updated the link in the first post, let me know if it works correctly! The extension version is now at Release 2. I am working on a Unicode port but it will be quite difficult since I didn't originally know how to code for Unicode when writing this extension 2 years ago, there is a lot of code to fix.

    Working as fast as I can on Fusion 3

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