Darkened Room Flashlight Effect?

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  • How do you do the whole 'Black/Dark Room, but you can see where the flashlight points' effect, with a beam drawn to the flashlight, anyways? Or is this not possible in MMF2?

    Please login to see this link. <- Website is a work in progress, most stuff on it is still filler. :-/.

  • Please login to see this link.
    Check this out and then manipulate it to your needs. I think the best way to learn something you don't know is to find an example of something nearly what you want and then tweak it just a little to get exactly what you want! That's how I got inventories to work in my game.

  • Don't use large Actives and such work arrounds.

    All you need is:

    • create new layer above in Frame Editor
    • create Quick backdrop on this new layer, resize it to whole frame size and color it white (255,255,255)
    • create a black (0,0,0) Active for the "hole in the layer" (use grey values for less transparency)
    • change effect of layer to Subtract

    Now you'll see just the part under this layer where the non-white objects in the new layer are.

    Note: To use layer effects you have to choose Display Mode Direct3D 8 or 9 in the application properties.

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