Build 257.24 (Beta)

Welcome to our brand new Clickteam Community Hub! We hope you will enjoy using the new features, which we will be further expanding in the coming months.

A few features including Passport are unavailable initially whilst we monitor stability of the new platform, we hope to bring these online very soon. Small issues will crop up following the import from our old system, including some message formatting, translation accuracy and other things.

Thank you for your patience whilst we've worked on this and we look forward to more exciting community developments soon!

  • Hi everyone,

    A new beta of the SWF exporter is available (build 257.24).

    I don't know what are the fixes, I haven't been sent any change log.

    If the SWF exporter is already installed, just install the patch of the Please login to see this link..

    If the exporter is not already installed, here is its installer :

    Please login to see this link.
    Please login to see this link.
    Please login to see this link.

    And then install the patch above after installing the exporter.

    If any problem with this version, just re-install the Please login to see this link..

    PS: please make backup copies of your MFA files before using this version, just in case...

    Thank you for testing!


    Bug fixes and new features in 257.23 & 24

    - No fixes in the SWF exporter, only fixes in the editor and PC runtime.

    Fixes in 257.22

    No change log...

    Fixes in 257.20

    - Set hand cursor on an active object with a fade in transition made it disappear
    - Counters set to bar mode were semi-transparent (or invisible)
    - Counter object, setting the number of decimals to 0 returned a number in the form "1."
    - Collision with background obstacle were detected one pixel too far
    - The quality parameter of the set angle and scale actions of Active objects now has an effect on the display
    - Layer object, reverse action had no effect
    - Numerous bugs in For Each object (total rewrite of the object)
    - Counter displaying an animation used to display one image ahead
    - High score objects were not displayed over a scrolling frame
    - Layers with a Visible property set to false where shown after a restart current frame
    - Array files saved from a Unicode application were not loaded
    - Crash in Set Ink Effect action when calling this action just after destroying an object

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