Can't 'Sample Position' further than 5779

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  • Oh, the power of the mysterious, elusive 5779.

    I want a 2 minute sample to skip to about 6040 milliseconds ahead, but when I did, VAAAAZZASM, what came out of my speakers was an hellish wail of noise. I think it was the sample being played multiple time over simultaneously. But I don't know why that would happen, because if I set the number lower, it would skip just fine!

    Eventually, I narrowed it down to 5779. If I set the Sample Position just one more than that, it'd screech out. But at 5779, it's fine?

    What is happening, and how can it be remedied?

    Also, I set the sample to loop. But when it loops around, it starts at the very beginning again. Can I get it to always start on 5779 every time?

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