Question on Randomization

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  • I have two ideas for this platformer game:

    When the player dies, they will respawn with a different looking knight (the player character).

    The new knight will also have a new randomized name. If the name is repeated, have a roman numeral suffice (Ser John II, Ser Ned III).

    Any ideas on how I would approach or create this?

    Thanks a bunch Click Community!

  • Low blow, Casleziro.

    As far as the graphics go, I would always have the player object as the same object with other objects such as the head, chest, arms and legs following along. When the player re-spawns, assign variables within the player object with a random value which will activate an event that moves a specific body part with the player object. You can also randomly swap out colors for the body parts to make it more visually different.

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  • Grim_Jester hit the nail on the head. You could use either different objects or just use animation directions for colour variations and just force frames and/or directions based on the random values.

    let me know when you finish your rogue legacy ripoff :)

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