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  • Why in the example given are we setting the global string A to ""? I don't see anywhere in the example where anything is ever done with Global String A, other than setting it to be null.
    I'm already using global string A in my game code, is that an issue?

  • So does the location string work properly for anybody? My publisher is about to drop a bunch of locations on me (which represent different ad types: video, static, rewarded video) and I want to be sure they actually work before testing.

    Please login to see this link.

  • I have a problem with the Chartboost when WIFI is not available.

    I setup my game to jump to Chartboost frame after the user ends the game, but when the network is not available the game just stays at the end of the game screen and does not "Jump" to next frame. It looks that way, but I'm thinking that it's already in the "Chartboost"frame, but stuck in the "Start of the Frame" event when it tries to cache the Ad.
    Any ideas how to fix it?

    Thank you

    Check out my game!
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  • I am new to Chartboost and I am trying to implement it into my Android app.
    I followed this tutorial: Please login to see this link. and also checked the (badly translated) one on the front of this forum thread.
    It seems to be pretty straight forward with implementing the Chartboost object into your app and just basically adding two lines of code in order for it to work.

    But how can I test the ads out? Isn't it possible to view the ad-popups on the PC? Will I only see them when installing the apk on a phone?
    I basically set the ad up so that it will popup at the start of the frame, but when i start the app up through CF2.5 it doesnt show anything.

    Also, is there an extensive and updated guide (i can only find outdated guides) on how to setup a Chartboost account and implement your apps into it?

  • Chartboost have been update since the first release of the object, there is an example in Help-->Examples-->Chartboost use this "Test ChartBoost for Android V2"

    for your settings inside the chartboost dashboard this tutorial is good,
    Please login to see this link.

    the SDK is always in change, now the version 7, finally remove the moreApps request, the object will be updated and posted in next beta or release, so please don't use it

    also not sure you can test properly in android emulator, but you may try using: mEmu, Nox


    Fernando Vivolo

    ... new things are coming ...

  • Is there a way to manually update the Chartboost SDK for the Android exporter without having to update Clickteam Fusion itself?

    I've been working on and off on a game for several years using CF Developer 284.1 and I've had success implementing cached rewarded video ads in the iOS version of my game, (which requires a manual install of the latest Chartboost SDK because.....xCode...) But no luck getting rewarded (cached or otherwise) video ads to play in the Android version. The weird thing is, the ads work in test mode, but not live mode, and my campaign has been live for several weeks. I'm thinking it's because 284.1 has a really outdated version of the Chartboost SDK inside it?

    I don't want to update CF right now for fear of things breaking. Especially since I just released my game to the App Store and Google Play Store.

    Much appreciated!

  • Make a copy of the MFA and a copy of your CT folder.
    Install the update and test. if it fails (which I doubt. (there has been 100's of changes for all platforms) + it will NOT support the new API that's needed for google. (need 26/27 as a minimum)
    Also it doesn't use API 10 anymore for all the old items.

    if if fails, just restore the folder, and your all set again.

  • Great! I will try that out. Thank you, Perry! Your tutorials have been incredibly helpful.

    Just to be sure, once I'm fully updated, the method I will try to be using for Chartboost reward videos will be from this thread Please login to see this link.

    [Start of frame]
    Cache reward video with location "myLocs"

    [Player hits a button to watch an ad]
    Show reward video with location "myLocs"

    On reward video located at "myLocs" closed
    [Trigger reward] and Clear Preloaded data

    It works perfectly for iOS. Just not Android, in my 284.1 version.

  • Thank you, Perry!

    Updating to the latest Clickteam Fusion did the trick- reward videos now work. Best of all, nothing broke!!

    Only issue is that it seems as though there's no way to get the game to check if a video is cached, completed, successful, closed, etc. The only command that seems to work is "Show Reward Video at Location"

    I didn't get a chance to test this, and didn't want to mess with any more Chartboost settings because the important thing is, the ads actually work, but could it be that Chartboost REALLY needs you to enter a location before checking whether or not a video is cached, or completed, etc etc?

    As of now, my video location for my Android campaign is just set to "". However, in my iOS project where Chartboost commands work perfectly (succesfully checks to see whether a reward video has been closed) the location is set to "doublegems". Maybe there really does need to be a designated location set in Clickteam Fusion for the Chartboost extension to fully work.

    Thanks again for your help!

  • So just a quick follow up.

    In my experience with the Chartboost object, and latest version of Clickteam Fusion, you absolutely need to have a location set for Rewarded Videos if you want the application to be able to detect whether the video has been "Closed". I assume it's the same case for detecting whether a Rewarded Video has been "Cached", "Completed", and "Successful" though I haven't tested these because "Closed" works perfectly fine for my uses.

    Hope this helps anyone struggling with the Chartboost object.

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