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  • Just a quick question. I'm trying to decide if I need the developer version of Fusion 2.5 or if the basic version will fit my needs. I'm developing my first game with a small group and would like to have all the rights to sell it when I'm done. In the information for Fusion 2.5 it says that in the basic version I would need to include a made with fusion logo and the comparison charts made me question how much ownership I have of any game made in the basic version of Fusion 2.5.

    Thanks in advance for your help, I'm looking forward to getting started, I had the original Game Factory as a kid and loved it :)

  • You have full ownership in any version. :)

    Clickteam is super lenient about the logo thing too... I mean, you could probably not put in a logo but you'd look like a jerk. =P They don't monitor it or super heavily enforce that rule... though I imagine if people abused that too much that could change.

    But yeah, anything you make in Fusion is yours... well, as long as you are using original content.

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    My examples:
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  • Just as Konidias said - in the standard version of Fusion 2.5, you have to give credit to the use of the Fusion software - doesnt matter where (could be burried in the "credits" page even)..
    In the developer version, you do not have to mention the use of Fusion at all.

    I would say go all in and get the developer version, as it offers some functionality you cannot get with the standard version.

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