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  • Perry, I can't get it to work, I've tried to port it to newer mysql, everything works except inserting new data
    I gives this error:

    <br /> <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: status in <b>/home/u202521961/domains/Please login to see this link.</b> on line <b>74</b><br />

  • Do you still have the issue?
    You need to make sure the Table and column exists.

    I re-wrote his scripts and added auto create the table and columns in it. with the original script you need to have that done manually.

  • i get this text


    $_GET['code']) { // Something is wrong -- MD5 security hash is different // Could be someone trying to insert bogus score data exit; } // Everything is cool -- Insert the data into the database $query = "insert into $tname(gameid,playername,score,scoredate,md5) values ('$gameid_safe','$playername_safe','$score_safe','$date','$security_md5')"; $insert_the_data = mysql_query($query)or die(mysql_error()); } /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // List high score /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Return a list of high scores with "|" as the delimiter if ($gameid_safe) { $query = "select * from $tname where gameid='$gameid_safe' order by score desc limit 10"; $view_data = mysql_query($query)or die(mysql_error()); while($row_data = mysql_fetch_array($view_data)) { print($row_data['playername']); print "|"; print ($row_data['score']); print ("|"); print($row_data['scoredate']); print("|"); } // We limit the score database to hold the number defined in the config script // First check to see how many records we have for this game $query1 ="select * from $tname where gameid = '$gameid_safe'"; $countresults = mysql_query($query1)or die(mysql_error()); $countofdeletes = mysql_num_rows($countresults); if (mysql_num_rows($countresults)>$score_number) { $query2 ="SELECT * FROM $tname WHERE gameid = '$gameid_safe' ORDER BY score DESC Limit $score_number,$countofdeletes"; $Get_data = mysql_query($query2)or die (mysql_error()); while($row_data = mysql_fetch_array($Get_data)) { $id_delete = $row_data['id']; $query3 = "Delete from $tname where id = $id_delete"; $Delete_data = mysql_query($query3)or die (mysql_error()); } } } ?>

    after i upload the score_script.php and config.php to the public html folder and try to access Please login to see this link. . Please help :)

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  • check your secret kays are the same in both the php and your game

    also check your host allows .php files

    Please login to see this link.

    Clickteam on Please login to see this link. - Clickteam on Please login to see this link. - Clickteam on Please login to see this link.

  • I'm getting the same issue, I'm using 000webhost. No matter what I do score_script.php always results in the same as NikiN gets. Have checked everything many times.

    Don't use that one. I believe that ain't working with that hosting.
    it works fine for me..

    as a hint.. i opened an FTP for testing. (Check the HTLM 5 section)
    you can try the script there. if it works for you, then you know it's your hosting.

  • I opened a new database at InfinityFree, and putting the script file on the free domain I got through it now gives me the "online" text instead of the previous mess, but I still make the Clickteam example work. The initial 10 scores have appeared to the database, but I can't connect to it from Fusion.

  • Well, I have a paid host for years, and it looks like it broke my scripts... at least, scores are not submitted anymore. Started since Feb 2019, not sure what it going on. but I contacted my host, wondering if something got changed in their MySQL server.
    Seems like my host doesn't allow remote sessions for maintaining my Database... so i am not sure if that is related..
    Hopefully, it's something in the code that needs to be changed or they messed something up at their end.
    It all seems to be a connection issue now.

  • Hello n just wanted to let you know that the onlinescore starter kit on clickstore actually works ; I had put special characters in my database password that caused connection issues.
    Also , although I must make it clear first that I have no knowledge in php / mysql , it seems that connection issues with jeff's tutorial could be due to the fact that starting with php 7 , mysql requests had to be changed to mysqli ( i for improved) so that if your provider has set your databases to php 7 , jeff's initial script could be outdated.

    in the click store ( I don't mean to advertize here, since I paid for the starter kit and I'm not affiliated with it) , the starter kit offers a script with mysqli. What I said above could be false, but the starter kits's scripts work for me, for now.

    Please login to see this link.

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