Clickteam Fusion freezing after build and run

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  • So I have Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer Edition on Steam and it's freezing up on me after I build/save a Android application. It finishes building so I'm at least getting my APK but every time I click build and run I have to restart my computer to be able to continue working in Fusion. Any advice?

  • Do you have the correct drivers installed on your computer?

    My Please login to see this link. (which I actually use), my Please login to see this link. (which I mostly don't use), and my Please login to see this link. (which I don't use anymore pretty much at all really). If there are awards for "'highest number of long forum posts", then I'd have probably won at least 1 by now. XD

  • Build & Run gets stuck if:

    - you forgot to plug the device to the USB port :p
    - you forgot to turn on the "Allow usb debugging" option in the Android parameters on the device
    - the USB driver is not ADB compatible, install an ADB-compatible driver for your device
    - ADB gets confused (open the Task manager, kill the ADB tasks, this will un-freeze CF, and retry)

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