New Guy with a question about sprite

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  • Im new to clickteam and im finding it very interesting. i am attemping to make a platformer with my dogs in it. im using small pixelated sprites for effect and i dont know how to increase thier size without distorting them because when i run the frame its really small. i was also wondering jump straight up and how to keep my pup from sitting in mid air and only sit when he has stopped for a second or 2. much obliged. im looking foward to making addicting flash games.

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  • For the distortion issue, check whether [tools > preferences > frame editor >] "Resample images when resizing active and backdrop objects" is ticked.

    For the jump issue, you need to add some events to control the animation (if you haven't already). What movement are you using to control the dog?

  • Okay. Last time I checked the physics platform movement, it didn't have conditions for telling when the player is jumping/falling, although the animation is supposed to be automatic. But if I understand your issue correctly, the dog animation is changing to stopped animation during the jump? Did you include a "falling" animation as well? It can be the same as the jump animation. If no falling animation exists, then it will default back to the stopped animation once the dog starts falling.

    To make the dog sit only once he has stopped for a second or two, the easiest way would be to add the sitting animation frames after the stopped frame in the stopped animation, and tell it to loop back to the first frame of the sitting animation frames.

  • The problem is the "control" option. Set that to button 1 or button 2. Unfortunately it appears that you can't create an event to jump with the up button when using the physics platform movement (you will see that most actions are greyed out under movement>physics when using the physics platform movement). You could get around this by changing the default controls so that button 1 or button 2 is the UP key (application > runtime options > default controls, and click the keyboard cell for player one).

    Here's an example.

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