create a point and click adventure game?

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  • Hello, I was wondering how it would be possible to create a point and click game where you click from room to room. I know this is probally very simple and I could be overthinking things, but anybody have an answer to this?

  • SubWooferX3@

    It's not simple for move character. You have to make pathfinding for it. There is Pathfinding object but it's not easy for work and it's only for PC port too. Anyway see this ink and download TheSynapse example:
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  • You don't necessarily need pathfinding, I could be wrong, but I think some of the early point and click games (King's Quest I) didn't have it. If you design your game in a proper way you won't need it.

  • Sure, when he said "click from room to room," I thought of Shadowgate and Myst - for this, you wouldn't need any pathfinding or any character at all!

    The short answer is "yes, you can make a point-and-click adventure game," but what you want to do is going to determine the level of difficulty.

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  • Yes, i think both nivram and mehrdad misunderstood what i was saying, by point and click i meant a game like monkey island for example, where you click from room to room from the characters perspective.

  • I'm working on this right now. So far I've got the walking thing to work from left to right but I wanna experiment with paths so it's not so 2 dimensional. I've developed a formula for scaling when the character moves up and down towards a vanishing point horizon and that works great (after a lot of tweaking). When I finish figuring things out I can find a way to share my techniques if you're interested?

    I'm a little concerned about how to tackle the inventory and dialogue trees but I'll figure it out eventually!

    Have you managed to make any further progress in this or have you strayed away from the idea?

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