Platformer Touch Control Problems

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  • Hi,

    I'm making a platformer game for android devies. I'm using PMO as movement engine and I'm trying to set Touch/Multitouch contols. (I've set the Multiple Touch object, enabled regognition on all the frame, and set nuber of touches to 3)

    Basicly, the screen is split in 3 zones (see attached picture). So when the left or right section in pressed, the character goes left or right, and when the center section is pressed, the character jumps. Please login to see this attachment.

    At the moment, mouvements are working but there are two bugs that i'm unable to solve:

    1. When the character is not moving, if I press jump section, keep my finger on it, and THEN press a side, it jumps but it won't move left or right. (But if I hold a side section and then jump, everything works fine)

    2.If I hold Right section, then hold left section, then relesae right, then release left, the character will never stop moving. (Same thing happens on the other side). It would be nice to put priority on the last pressed. So if I'm holding right and then press left without having released right, Character will go left)

    My events are like this:

    Touch 0 is active on object RIGHT --> PMO RIGHT
    Touch 0 is active on object LEFT --> PMO LEFT
    A new touch on object JUMP has started --> PMO JUMP (I tried tu use same dependencies (Touch 0 is active) as the left/right movement, but I was unable to double jump)

    Any help to solve those two bugs would be very apreciated

    Thank you!

  • the problem is you're not really using the "mutli" part of "multi touch" - the results you're getting are logical -

    In your first example, A New Touch on Jump has started (assume it will be touch 0) - so then when you do another simultaneous touch on the left OR right, that will actually be touch 1 active on the left/right buttons, not touch 0. So the player won't move left or right.

    There are numerous ways to solve this, I personally like to use "touch detectors" and assign a value of each touch to a detector.

    I can't open the file I'm linking in this post so it might be the wrong one.. but I made this example for someone a few days ago, it should help you out too.

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