Problems Creating a Zoom Out (W/Effect Zoom)

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  • Hello to all the community.
    First I wanted to tell you that my native language is Spanish, I will make every effort for you to understand me.
    I'm trying to do a zoom on my game. In this game would be two levels of zoom. The first a scale of 1 that is the actual size, and the other reduced to 0.5%.
    When I do that zoom at 0.5%, I see it as a mirror effect occurs. I leave a picture of how the error would be. I tried changing the resolution and the error continues.
    What I can do?

    Thank you very much

  • is that your frame size where the "mirror effect" begins or the "screen size"?
    I believe you can't feed not-on-screen pixels to the zoom effect,
    so you probably would have to preset a default window size of twice the dimensions
    and maybe force a smaller window with the window control object

    can you post .mfa so we can tweak around and see if we can get desired result? X)

    have you tried the viewport object also?

    a selection of my Fusion examples can be found Please login to see this link.

  • It doesn't happen because the camera is already showing the whole play area
    to have it scroll on smaller zoom settings you should enlarge your frame area
    ( > double your screen size if your zoom setting is 0.5)

    i.e. try frame size of 2000x1400 or anything higher

    this will obviously force you to draw a "bigger" level :)

    a selection of my Fusion examples can be found Please login to see this link.

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