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  • Olivier from Clickteam has created a very comprehensive example file for using the Google Play Games Extension.

    You can get the extension here:

    Please login to see this link.

    Once we have a few people check out and comment on the example we will add it to the extension package so its easy for people to find in the future.

    Please login to see this link.

    Edited once, last by Olivier: Updated file attachment (January 11, 2017 at 2:16 PM).

  • So, let me check... The only way to have achievements and leaderboards in your Android game is to buy a 40$ extension after you've paid 70$ extra (besides the Fusion itself) for an Android exporter and stuff needed for development? I've used Clickteam products ever since TGF 1, but that's a great way to lose users, gotta say :/

  • It will pay itself back..
    How many people in forums, websites, reviews do you see asking "Does it have Achievements etc" Oh, no? I'll skip this one.
    People are crazy about these..

    Currently implementing it at the most played game, just to encourage people.. and all it takes is mouth to mouth to get the word spread, and adding it to your game info.

    I had the same with an IOS game in the past. 10-20 downloads, but after implementing Game Center, it went to 5000+ downloads.
    it's all what people want..

  • Quote

    I had the same with an IOS game in the past. 10-20 downloads, but after implementing Game Center, it went to 5000+ downloads.
    it's all what people want..

    Really? Right after you've added GPG Achievements?

  • To accumulate you must be willing to speculate. I bought:

    CF 2.5 on steam, upgraded it to Developer, bought the Android, IOS, and HTML 5 exporters, as well as this extension + a few others. As well as paying the €25 for Google Play acceptance. And I earn €1000 per month.

    Now that's over €600 down on a hobby that I know will pay itself back. So please quit bi***ing about €40 being too steep price. It will generate enough revenue as it goes along from here.

    Take a look at Please login to see this link. and Please login to see this link..

  • You have to start somewhere.
    It's a hit and miss. but once you get into your comfort zone, I am sure you'll be happy.

    1 Advice though... set some $$ aside from what your making, since when it's Taxday you have to report all of it, and you pay taxes for it.
    I learned my lesson last year, thinking.... that oh it's not that big of a deal.... but all the little amounts and the different stores, it add up big time.

    Now I have a steady income for the last 6 months with it, and set some aside for next year..

    ps.. I know i'm going off topic here, but thought i'll just bring it up, cause some people don't realize it, until it's too late and (if you are in the USA) pay in $1200 - $1600 because of that..

  • Yeah I know that's a good information to keep. Yeah I always put some aside for taxes. Will need to look into starting up a company as it seams right now. But back on topic. I'll have to look at these examples. Now if it was easier to actually get the fingerprints needed to sign the crom damn game with google play to test it... :)

    Take a look at Please login to see this link. and Please login to see this link..

  • Hi Jeff,
    I'm trying to run this example on my device but each time I login i have the following error "Failed to sign in. Please check your network connection and try again."

    I enabled Google Drive API and put the App ID in the "application ID" field of the GPG connect object.
    I created a keystore file as well.

    Is there anything else i have to do ?


  • Maybe share the MFA with only that part what you did, and remove your userid/passoword..

    I have the package to since last year, but never touched it... (bad me..) So I don't have an answer for it.
    But like Fernando said. What do you have said in your dashboard?

  • Reviving this thread.
    This example is exactly what I was looking for.
    Have 1 question, I am using the customer Leaderboard scores, and modified it for my screen in portrait mode.
    It seem like the original boxes are all place to the top, while I moved them around further below.

    Since the size is a lot bigger, I see an event for On loop "loop"
    Where I think the item is positioned.

    The x = 224 and
    y = ( 64 + 16 ) + 96 * index( "entry.Active" )

    Since I keep going back and forth on my phone to figure out what each value is.. maybe someone knows it offhand already
    What are the 64, 16,96 and 224 for.

  • Yes Perry, these two actions position the object called "entry.Active". This is a simple active object, all white and rectangle shaped, that serves as a billboard for each entry of the leaderboard.

    On each "loop", an instance of the active object called "entry.Active" is created. Its index (alterable value) is set to the index of the "loop" (0-based). The object is positioned at 224 pixels horizontally in frame. And it is positioned at 80 pixels (64 + 16) (64 is the height of the top title and 16 is the height of the space between the top title and the leaderboard entries) vertically in the frame, plus 96 pixels (the height of the object) mutliplied by the index (alterable value) of the object. So that each instance of the object is positioned below the previous one.

    To help you figure out what each value does, you could run the frame of the example and press the [!] key. This activates the "debug mode" that creates a random number of fake leaderboard entries. Then go back to the events and modifiy slighlty any of the value. Then run the frame again and press the [!] key. You should notice a difference in the layout of the leaderboard entries.

    Hopefully this should help you adapt the example to suit your needs.

  • Thanks Olivier. I had seen the Debug but didn't work. had to change the event for press a key since it was blank. so picked any letter and it showed nicely.
    This is way better than figuring out on the phone :)

  • Hey, I just bought the GPG object but can't figure out how to use this example. There's just these grey boxes and buttons that don't seem to do anything, and if I try to export it as an APK it fails. Is there any documentation on this? Or any other tutorials?

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