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  • Hello. I've been on and off a little personal card game project for awhile now and I just need a clue or two to push me along my way. Specifically, how cards are displayed in hand for a digital TCG.

    I would like the card objects to center their selves based on how many card objects are present in hand. From what I can assume, it would be a math string that calculates the object's position around another invisible object that serves as the "hand" and the objects based on their object ID (when they were created, or taken away). However, for the life of me, I can't think on how to go about this.

    I'm going for specifically (or at least somewhere in the ballpark) of this (As you can see, the cards shift positions and keep centered around the "hand" as cards are added and played):
    [video]Please login to see this media element.]

    I used YugiohPRO since the card layout is simplistic and in a straight line. Again, I'm just looking for a clue to send me in the right direction. Any help is greatly appreciated. (I have lurked these forums for quite awhile and seen some of the great general examples and posts the community has posted for various clickers, but they were always shy of what exactly I was looking for, which is why I'm seeing if I can get anywhere by specifying my issue some).

  • Hello and welcome :)

    here's a simple solution (5 events) that should get you started:

    Please login to see this attachment.

    you can change max number of cards in the button alterable values
    you can discard a card by clicking on it

    good luck!

    a selection of my Fusion examples can be found Please login to see this link.

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