Animation sequence and counters

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  • I am new to clickteam fusion but I really like it after trying so many other softwares.
    Right now I have encountered few problems I can't figure out.

    This is what I saw in youtube guides for making doors controlled by a button.
    If User clicks on button --> increase counter by 1
    if counter = 0 --> animation stop
    if counter = 1 --> animation close
    if counter = 2 --> animation open
    if counter >2 --> set counter back to 1

    So this is all logical and works fine. But my question is why the following doesn't work

    if user clicks on button and counter = 0 --> set animation open and set counter to 1
    if user clicks on button and counter = 1 --> set animation close and set counter to 0

    Would really appreciate the help

  • When you make these two events your counter is always 0 if the user clicks on an object, because
    you did counter = 0 set the counter to 1 and at the same time it's counter = 1 set the counter to 0.
    Counter is 0 then because 1 makes it 0. It's maybe easier if you use flags for the doors.

  • Thank you for the example :) But I still don;t fully understand the way clickteam works. It means that it never checks if the second condition is also true before performing the action.
    For me it seems that it shouldn't even go to the second event as the button is pressed only once.

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