Joypad controls on an Android tablet?

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  • I'm showing my game, Super Space Slayer 2, at conventions and I thought it would be cool to have an optional mode that uses a joypad (not a virtual joystick), plugged in to the phone.

    I can set up joypad controls in the PC version of my game easily enough, but I was wondering if Clickteam had an extension for a joypad plugged in to an Android device. The only extensions I can see are either a virtual joystick compatible with Android, or joypads that are PC-only.

    Any help appreciated,
    Kenneth Dunlop

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  • Thanks for the help so far, I've been working on my joypad version, I'm most of the way now.

    There's one thing left; how do I make the two joysticks work? I'm using an Xbox360 controller and I want my game to make use of both joysticks on an Android phone.

    Oh, and how do I make the analogue trigger buttons work too?

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