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    save/load in clickteam fusion 2

    Hi everyone i bulit a game and i want to add an option for players to save and load a file or any of the 3 slots.
  2. Using 3d meshes to bulid an racing game

    Hi,everyone im a little new with posts I was working on a racing game on clickteam fusion 2.5 with some meshes the problem im having is getting it to work on the interface (without using firefly) I...
  3. making a possible cpu Ai for fighting game

    hi this is Leonixburner I wanted to bulid an ai for clickteam fusion 2.5 :cf25+:

    its for a fighting game im trying to make

    11-up right
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    How to upload apk to google play

    I'm in a bind how to take off the debug off the apk cause when I uploaded it from Google play it said upload failed because it wasn't disabled.
  5. The exporter is out of date give me a .... ok, it...

    The exporter is out of date give me a .... ok, it worked! Thanks for help.
  6. 16 error 3seconds in bulid time-android exporter

    :O I need help with the android exporter I have jdk 8 and SDK manager APIs 27,28,and 29 on my CPU but I get 16 errors in build time.


    API newest 28
    Minimum 8.0
    Target 9.0
    Landscape ...
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