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  1. Help? Default icon appears for Mac build after changing it in application properties

    Hey guys! So I'm building an app for the Mac. I've changed the icons in Application Properties "About" section AND in the Application Properties "Mac Options" section. And yet, when I build the...
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    No download link for Fusion 2.5

    I bought Fusion 2.5 for Mac with "Download + Product Shipping," which seems like it would mean that I can download it but I also get a physical copy. But I can't find a download link. Under the...
  3. Thanks so much! And that's a good point about the...

    Thanks so much! And that's a good point about the sound effects. I'll get on that.
  4. Made a Latin game. Can someone make this into a flash?

    Hey! I made a Latin game in MMF2. I don't have 2.5 because I was having trouble getting the free one to run on my mac (and I already purchase MMF2 and crossover). Anyway, I created short game on the...
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    Trying to set my game resolution to x2

    I made a game that's 320X200. It's small and hard to see. I'm trying to upload it to fgl, but I want it to appear twice as big as it is. I'd like to render it 640X400, but I want to keep all the...
  6. Thread: Music question

    by ceb131

    Music question

    Hey! I created an application with MMF2, and I made my own graphics and the whole bit, but I used the music provided on disk 2 of MMF2. If I want to publish the application, are there any legal...
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