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    Could you give me more information on the...

    Could you give me more information on the extension change to prevent editing the MFA? I have had some issues with people threatening to decompile the game and edit the source code.
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    Prevent Cheating within my game...

    I am creating a game using lacewing and its going really well! I have ran into an issue. Hacking.
    Every online game runs into that issue eventually. I would like to find out what measures I could...
  3. How can I restrict certain characters in fusion 2.5?

    I am creating an online game and I am running into the issue of people spamming symbols and other characters into their names. Is there a way I can restrict what people can add to the string that is...
  4. How could I set up a functioning clothing system?

    My game requires that players can wear different clothing. This would also need to appear on everyone's screen through lacewing. I have experimented with having an Active object for each clothing...
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    Okay thanks for this information. How would...

    Okay thanks for this information. How would lacewing deal with multiple message being sent at the same time from different clients? Some of these messages need to be relayed back to a channel, so...
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    Is Lacewing able to handle an MMO?

    I have been working a game since October of 2017 and I have made a lot of progress with it! One thing that I am seeing as a possible issue is the game is an MMO. This means they game could have...
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    In-game Paypal IAP integration?

    How could I set up a system where players can purchase something within my game via Paypal.
    I would love to see a paypal extension but I know it can't be that simple. I have heard that the GET...
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    Are Steam IAP's a thing?

    I would love to implement IAPs through steam into my game! I have looked through the steamworks extension and could't find anything on IAPs...
    Now sure how something like this could be done through...
  9. Getting the game to run on different resolutions

    How can I get my game to run on other resolutions other than 1920x1080 while retaining perfect visuals? I have tried to run the game on a 1366x768 monitor and it looks really choppy and bad. I have...
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    Chat String Positioning Error

    I want to make a system where a player can chat through Lacewing. That is pretty simple but the making issue I am having with how the chat is presented to the player...
    I need a system that can...
  11. How can I save block positions to a server using lacewing?

    I have a game where players can edit worlds over lacewing... When a player enters a world I need the world to be sent from the server and loaded by the client. I also need the world to be saved as...
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