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  1. Suggestion: Chrome Extension for Chrome Web Store

    Has anyone taken their Clickteam Fusion HTML 5 app and made it into a Chrome Extension for the Chrome Web Store?

    I do think this would be a great enhancement for Clickteam Fusion itself, as well!...
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    Suggestion: Apple TV Export

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to mention the idea around Apple TV export option for the Mac Export Module.

    I do think ClickTeam Fusion apps would be very competitive in that space, which would be...
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    Suggestion: Mac OS Screensaver Export

    Hi guys,

    There is an option to export to Windows screensaver.

    I wanted to recommend exploring being able to do the same for Mac OS.

    I did a little initial research around this and it appears...
  4. Resize frame to match screen size pixel-wize

    Hi guys,

    I'm probably just missing something simple.

    I see a lot of things that do something, but not sure it is quite what I'm looking for.

    I want to update the size of the frame to match...
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