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    Split large/big files into xMB pieces

    Hi guys,

    has anyone an idea how to split a large/big file into some pieces and to merge them to an original file again?
    An example with an explanation would be very nice. Thank you very much!
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    I have the same problem. Even from 15MB it makes...

    I have the same problem. Even from 15MB it makes problems or freezes. The only solution should be splitting the file into little pieces and send them by and by. But thatīs very tricky to get it split...
  3. [MOOSOCK] Problem concerning transferring big files

    Hey guys,

    I have noticed that sending big files with MOOSOCK (in my case around 100MB) doesnīt work. The app is getting freezed and nothing happens anymore so I have to end it.
    Seems that itīs a...
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    Simulate screen tap on Android?

    Dear Fusion 2.5 Clickers,

    in relation to a Windows App, itīs possible to simulate a mouse click via the ControlX extension.
    What about simulating a screen tap in an Android App?

    I would like...
  5. Awesome, got it now - thanks!

    Awesome, got it now - thanks!
  6. Android/Fusion SDK Release - Tutorial / Help file?

    Hi everyone,

    I wonder whether there is a tutorial or help guide of first instructions how to handle with the Android SDK Release to develop own extensions for Fusion 2.5
    Looking forward to hear...
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