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  1. Creating a file to check for a first time bootup.

    I was wondering how I'd go about this. I tried looking into ini++, what I'm trying to do is to search if a specific file is there on the first frame, if not, create a file in the Documents folder and...
  2. Help with lacewing and creating multiple characters of user's choice

    Hello there, I'm having some trouble with lacewing and creating characters. I have it so players can select a character (It gets registered as a global value) and then join another channel. I wish to...
  3. Help on lacewing platformer + pmo movement?

    I'm currently making a game where up to 8 players can move and attack at once, problem is that I don't know much on how to make each character control individually, I'd like each player to be...
  4. So how do I send the animations to the other...

    So how do I send the animations to the other client?
  5. I'm using the platform movement object, when a...

    I'm using the platform movement object, when a player moves they just are in the idle animation (imagine a t pose in a 3d game) for the entirety of the game, on their screen they are animated but to...
  6. How do I make animation show up for all players in lacewing?

    Whenever I make a character, they only show as the idle animation, never walking, jumping, or even looking left
  7. thanks, I was able to find it..

    thanks, I was able to find it..
  8. I can't fine the data folder, it's not anywhere I...

    I can't fine the data folder, it's not anywhere I can find..
  9. How do I add extensions that aren't in the extension manager on a mac?

    I currently want to use a LocalIp extension, but I can't access the C: drive where it's located, I can see it in wine explorer, but nothing turns up when I try to use finder, any help? 22922
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    Help on physics platformer?

    I'm trying to make a precision platformer with 2.5's physics platform object.. my question is how do I have it stop the jump when you release the jump key? (instead of always going the same height,...
  11. How do I create an object relative to the mouse that snaps to the grid?

    I was wanting to make a puzzle platformer that when you right click, a block appears in that grid.. my question is.. how do I make it snap where the mouse currently is (I already have an indicator...
  12. How can I fix collision issue on 8 directional movement with moving wall?

    I was making a boss battle and I have him move the walls to make the arena smaller.. except the wall only pushes when the player is moving.. is there a simple way to fix this?
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