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    All links are down, anyone have a backup?

    All links are down, anyone have a backup?
  2. Bump for an an answer.

    Bump for an an answer.
  3. Scoping multiple objects within a single qualifier?

    Hello! I'm trying to scope two objects in a single qualifier, and two other objects within another qualifier.

    The first qualifier is inventory, and the second qualifier is inventory item.

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    This extension is no longer developed or...

    This extension is no longer developed or maintained. The download link is broken (leads to nowhere) and the original website looks like a bunch of blocks, it's a mess. Terrible maintanace, I hope it...
  5. So, the beta is the last version? Is it chalk...

    So, the beta is the last version? Is it chalk full of bugs or is it stable? If I want a stable one, should I download the second?
  6. Purchased firefly, but have 4 downloads.

    Which download is the correct one?

    fireflysetup.290.4.171222.beta.exe << Probably not this one, because it's a beta
    fireflysetup.288.2.170310 << Looks later than the one posted below...
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    Lost my CTF 2.5 key

    Where do I find this, and what do I do if I can't find it?
  8. Random Multipool Object - Loading Random Pools

    Hello! I am trying to use Random Multipool Object to create a card game that utilizes the multipool for serving cards at random. However, when you save the game, the seed is supposed to be saved with...
  9. The runtime EXE is older than the current version of the editor.

    Hello! I'm having a strange problem.

    i installed and updated clickteam fusion 2.5, then installed the updated version of clickteam fusion 2.5+. However, when I attempt to run my game, which was...
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    This or the way mmf2.5 works needs fixing....

    This or the way mmf2.5 works needs fixing. apparently, retrieving a seed results in the program complaining that it's "Mixed Numbers and Strings", no matter how you attempt to retrieve the value.
  11. Problem with activating groups inside of groups

    Hello. I have a problem with MMF2 when activating a group using an event inside of a group. The game seems to freeze, and does nothing. I'm using MMF2.0 Standard with the latest update.

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    Sticky: Hey, I registered my MMF2 product back when click...

    Hey, I registered my MMF2 product back when click converse was a thing, and chat restrictions did not apply on the forum (Now they do, which I personally think is troublesome due to people wanting to...
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    Questions about MMF2.5 Before I buy

    Had a heck of a time logging back in.

    Hello! You may not remember me, gondracorn, old timer from mmf2 that posted a bunch of ambiguous and/or general questions, about 30 total, with 90...
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    Typewriter Text in Multimedia Fusion 2

    Hello. I use multimedia fusion 2.0.

    I can't figure out how typewriter text works with text blitter. Can I have an example posted? All the old threads have invalid links.
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    Thanks! It worked by just restarting the program

    Thanks! It worked by just restarting the program
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    Need Help with Program

    Hey, I'm trying to program my program so that when the event runs, it does not run over a series of events.

    For example, when down button is pressed, go to the next option/choice. But DO NOT do it...
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    That link didn't solve my problem. I use US...

    That link didn't solve my problem. I use US english QWERTY keyboard.

    I am on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

    Also, when I paste it from notepad, I get the same problem
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    Cannot get quotations marks to register

    I am trying to use the event editor's "Strings" to make an expression. However, currently, whenever I type in "quotes" ("), it comes up with a different character in MMF2.

    I've attached a window...
  19. Internal Error message when installing MMF2

    I just upgraded to Windows 10 on my new pc. My old pc finally died, so I used my new (and very buggy) pc. I recently updated to windows 10 from windows 8, and, oddly enough, when I swore that I...
  20. Multimedia Fusion 2 Audio: Problems with Seemless Loops

    Hi. I am trying to make a sample transition smoothly from one sample to the next, as well as loop the same sample over and over, until desired not to.

    It goes like this:

    Sample - Start.wav
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    Comparing more than 2 global values

    I'm trying to do a questionaire currently. I have set up one page to ask the questions, and another page to give the results.

    The first page asks many questions with 4 answers to each question....
  22. MFA.exe File Test - Event Execution Problem

    I have a problem with the program. Currently, I'm trying to make a button change it's text when clicked on. Then, when clicking on it again, it reverts. It also changes the text below it. However,...
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    Can someone reupload this (for MMF2.0)? I can't...

    Can someone reupload this (for MMF2.0)? I can't get the zip file to extract...
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    Gifting Options for Purchase

    I have a friend, and he wants to have MMF2.5. However, he currently and probably won't have the funds necessary to purchase the full version (no upgrade) for MMF2.5

    I was wondering if I could...
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    Clickgame: The Case Manager

    So, I'm looking for some graphic artists to work for me to create some characters with animations for my new game called "The Case Manager." It's a Platformer Hide-n-seek game, and it stars the...
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    Klickdisc: How do I purchase?

    I want to purchase the 7 Klickdiscs to support you and get more examples of .mfa examples to use for my project. However, it wants a credit/debit card, and really, I cannot supply that. Do they...
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    No, the serial number is tied to your email...

    No, the serial number is tied to your email address, so it should go through. Just enter your email address with the Serial Number, and you should be good to go.
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    Good luck with the dispute. It may take years to...

    Good luck with the dispute. It may take years to get it resolved, if there's even enough proof provided
  29. Sorry, aenever, I wasn't clear on my post. I...

    Sorry, aenever, I wasn't clear on my post.

    I have zeb, I just don't understand it's programming complexity. So, I improvised. If anyone could give me some pointers or example file with my or close...
  30. Zeb Platformer Example Game: Gravity and Movement Fundamentals

    So, all the links that go to the original website are down. So really, you cannot get the Zeb game UNLESS you bought the CD. Else, all of the website tutorials and links don't work/help (As far as I...
  31. Well, I did all that, and it still didn't work. :/

    Well, I did all that, and it still didn't work. :/
  32. Well, I will not/cannot/am unable to update to...

    Well, I will not/cannot/am unable to update to MMF2.5, so, unfortionately, I will miss out on all the updates, which is not fair.
  33. Timer Object Do Not work with Group Events

    I have noticed that when trying to manipulate the Timed Conditions, and then, activating or deactivating a group, a bug happens that causes the groups to fail to activate or deactivate.

  34. How to Use the "Platform" on Backdrop Objects

    So, how exactly do I use the "platform" property of a backdrop object to make collisions based a Platform movement game? I know that you can use the Obstacle setting, but what is the difference...
  35. Single Pieces Animations - Animating a Simpler Way

    So, I was wondering if there was a way to animate a large object by using single pieces connected to each other, and thus, making an object that walks, moves, and everything like that, by simple...
  36. 14902 So, basically, this is what I recovered...


    So, basically, this is what I recovered from my drive, and that's all I recovered, unfortionately.

    Does anyone know how to make those wings realistic when flying? What I mean is, edge on...
  37. Lost an important game due to system failure

    So, I had two files with the same creature in it. And then, it struck. My computer gave me a hard disk corruption error. No way to recover the files at all, and I had a new operating system installed...
  38. Animation SOS - Jump, Fall, Land, Fly, Hover, Settle

    So, I have a dilemma that a character needs some animations (That I am capable of producing on my own), but I'm not sure how to get them to work with the Platformer Object (In-Game).

    Here's the...
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    The Delay Object

    I need this object badly. It's an extension. It's known as WaitExample.mfx. I'll supply the site I found it on:

    Anyone know how to contact this guy?
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    Particle Help

    I am looking for some particle effects, but I don't know how to program them in. Can someone help me?

    I want lightning effect, hit effects, fire effects, explosion effects, energy ball effect,...
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    No extension Support

    I cannot find any extensions online like I used to find. I lost all my extensions I downloaded on my external hard drive, and I need them now. No, I am not upgrading to MMF2.5. Can someone supply me...
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    I need the Extension

    Can I please have the ZipObject Extension? It didn't come with my latest install of MMF2.0!
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    Mass Graphics Loader

    Is there some kind of plug-in that you can load many/any graphic files from a folder by name choice into MMF2 without having to deal with putting in every single individual character inside MMF2...
  44. Solved.

  45. Groups not Activating Properly... Please Help

    I want this to work properly. Please join me in the chatroom and lets discuss this... I'll upload my game there privately and share it with you so you can see my problem and we'll discuss how to fix...
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    I have the same problem with the latest build of...

    I have the same problem with the latest build of MMF2
  47. Multimedia Fusion 2 Won't Play Music Files - Latest VErsion

    I tried even the play button in the mmf2 thing... it seem Direct Show, The internal files, and the external files don't want to play. All my other applications and stuff work just fine. It's MMF2...
  48. Flipping an image entirely as an animation?

    I want to flip an image, but I don't want to make it an animation. Is there some kind of resizer that can do this trick? Or will I have to make it an animation? Is there a plugin that can do this?...
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    My MMF2 CD Broke

    My Multi-Media Fusion 2 CD Doesn't run when put into the CD drive, or when clicked on in the file directory, and I need to reinstall it. The Patches don't install since I don't have the program...
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    I can't reinstall my MMF2

    My drive that I had MMF2 previously on installed on (external hard drive) completely failed and will not recover any of the drives, so the program is permanently installed on my PC as a useless...
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    New Help Needed: I would like someone to be my...

    New Help Needed: I would like someone to be my Graphics Designer. Sorry, I can't pay the person, I don't have a debit card, credit card, bank account, or paypal/paysafe, and prepaid cards are not an...
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    2,542 Wants MMF2.5

    I want MMF2.5 to be available to download on like it is on Steam. It's easier, more convienant, and not Steam-Only Access (You can download it on any computer, not just the computer you...
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    Lacewing - Full Support Needed

    Ok, so... I have no idea how to use lacewing, I read some of the tutorials, but they are pretty much... well, unhelpful, and the supplied tutorials and help wizards it came with didn't help one bit....
  54. some of my group commands fail to activate or...

    some of my group commands fail to activate or deactivate.

    Fanotherpg, your on DEV, that's why
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    You should try again... Anyway... I can't...

    You should try again...

    Anyway... I can't sprite for life. You guys should help me.

    Don't say you can't because you never tried! Trust me, I tried. Tried, and I'm tired now.
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    Text Blitter Simply Does Not Work

    I tried to tweak the transparency settings on both the Image and the Custom Graphics, and I tried changing the Font Color to Black and The Back Color to White, but all I get is a blank text. The...
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    Importing Sprite Images

    I am having trouble getting the images to import as an animation no matter what I click. There are 16 sprites on the sheet lined up evenly, but no matter what I click, box mode, import as animation,...
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    Actually, can someone supply this file as a...

    Actually, can someone supply this file as a single upload for me because everytime I try to install with norton off, it still fails and I cannot open the mfa file that requires the extension.
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    Does this have something to do with it not...

    Does this have something to do with it not installing?
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    What about the other side. Come on! A good poster...

    What about the other side. Come on! A good poster always thinks on both sides (ignore my post, it's one sided)
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    YES. I say yes because I am starting a new game...

    YES. I say yes because I am starting a new game on MMF2. If they were to create MMF3 Tommorow for next Year, how will I port if they are incompatible?

    Also, can't say it's Multimedia Fusion if...
  62. Reregistering? WTH to that. And Cannot Install MMF2

    Some time ago, the forum severly went through a change, and my username was knocked off.

    I tried to use my installation disc to install MMF2 non-dev on my Win 8 pro machine, but it gave me an...
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