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    Compare two general values - > storyboard...

    Compare two general values - > storyboard controls -> current number of frame <Different> number of your frame
  2. Random Function (How to set different range?)

    Is there any possible solution to choose random number from the set {1,5,18,26}?

    I need a random choice from 26 elements but sometimes I want for example leave out some of the numbers, for...
  3. Thank you. It helps a lot. But, if you have just...

    Thank you. It helps a lot. But, if you have just few objects it isn't faster than do it object by object.
  4. How to check Qualifiers Alterable Value?

    is it possible to check that Alterable Value A = 1 for every object in group (qualifier)?
    For example if Alterable Value A = 1 of all objects in group (qualifier) collectables do something...
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