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  1. Trying to get procedural music site to play in Fusion 2.5


    Not sure if it's possible, but...

    I'd like to play this cool procedural music in real-time from the website, but it involves two mouse clicks on buttons to make it start >>>
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    Wow! Mate, that is exactly what I was after!...

    Wow! Mate, that is exactly what I was after!
    Thank you for taking the time and actually creating a working file for me.
    You are a champion.
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    Hoping for help with a problem

    Hi all,
    Really hoping to get some help on doing something please.

    Here’s the scenario:
    1. There are lots of random names to choose from a box.
    2. The Player selects a random name from the box,...
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    Display filename of played audio file ?

    Hi all,
    Have a prob I am hoping to solve.

    I want to be able to randomly play an audio file from a bunch of files AND then display the audio file name afterwards.
    Think... a spelling test where...
  5. Thanks all - Instance Communicator works a treat...

    Thanks all - Instance Communicator works a treat !
    ... and agreed, probably should have done a forum search first :o
  6. Help with only allowing one EXE to run- children!

    Hi all,
    My stand-alone app (30MB) is used by children 6-7 years old at school, and they tend to just madly keep clicking the .exe to start the program - not knowing to wait for the 5-15 seconds it...
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