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    Hope I'm no necroing here, but in a few of my...

    Hope I'm no necroing here, but in a few of my games I use an active shape object(for the GUI), an active picure object (for the avatar), and character image object (the text). You can change the...
  2. Quit actively running Python script from within MMF2.

    I have MMF2 running a Python IRC bot - so far, initializing the code works - the bot connects to IRC and prints content submitted to the IRC chan back into MMF2, but I notice that when I exit MMF2 or...
  3. MooSock and IRC. Issues with Server Connection.

    Before I get into my question, no; I don't want to use LaceWing or the DarkSocket extension (sorry, DarkWire). I'm not trying to switch extensions and start my project all over again because somebody...
  4. Wicked awesome. Many thanks, man.

    Wicked awesome. Many thanks, man.
  5. RTF background color by RGB seperated values.

    I'm making a simple RTF editor, but my background color feature doesn't work as expected. I've had it working already, but using a really clunky text-based system that parses RGB values by pulling...
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    [Request] x32 x64 Registry Object

    I don't think this issue has been addressed, but I've noticed most of the registry objects I've tried (registry 2, Power Registry, Registry++)working with are only 32-bit. When a registry edit is...
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    Re: Interact with Command Prompt

    Thanks again. Jumping into Gwerdy chat was an afterthought. Sorry about the junk post.
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    Interact with Command Prompt

    I've read through a few different tutorials, but it seems that in each case the user is asking how to include command-line arguments while loading files and applications.

    I'm a computer...
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    Re: [Beta] LocalIP - Gets local IP address

    Great idea, but somebody should edit this to add multiple NIC systems and display of local and external IP addresses.
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