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  1. I'm unable to download the "Dialog Box" extension...

    I'm unable to download the "Dialog Box" extension for Fusion 2.5 since I don't have the developer version, and therefore I'm unable to open the "MakerExample.mfa" file. Would it be possible for you...
  2. When I load a map after destroying a sub-application, the game crashes

    Basically, I'm making a Cave Story style game engine and I've run into a problem.

    My game's maps and tiles are loaded from external files, so most gameplay takes place in one frame, with another...
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    Enemy AI for Stealth Game

    So, I've started the workings for a stealth game in the style of Metal Gear Solid (Top Down Camera, enemies have cone of sight, alert phases, inventory selector, KO'ing enemies and dragging them...
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