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  1. Re: Bezier Curve / de Casteljau's algorithm - (XLua)

    It would be a good idea, I'll remember to mention it to clubby

    Aye image editing is sort of what this is good for. I'm using it in my current project to create custom path movements in the level...
  2. Re: Bezier Curve / de Casteljau's algorithm - (XLua)

    I've updated the files to include a slightly more accurate and faster algorithm- it has about 20% of the average standard deviation across data sets I tested
  3. Re: Bezier Curve / de Casteljau's algorithm - (XLua)

    Whoa theres a lua scripting forum, I am completely oblivious
    Anyone do a favor and move this >.>
  4. Bezier Curve Spliner / de Casteljau's algorithm

    This is a very simple Lua file that can be used in XLua to calculate bezier curves quite easily in MMF2- this is handy for graphical effects and smooth movements. If you're interested in how bezier...
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