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Thread: Neo Runout - Open source example game on Clickstore

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    Neo Runout - Open source example game on Clickstore

    I made a 3d game, woo hoo

    I spent a little less then a weeks time developing Neo Runout as a low event volume example of building a game in Fusion with Firefly. This game runs on less then 75 lines of events. Let me know what you think.

    You can download the game for free here:

    Grab the example MFA on Clickstore:

    Game Features

    • Endless runner with randomly generated levels
    • Speed and obstacles increase the further you go
    • Saves your highest score to INI
    • Move left and right to switch lanes and avoid tower blocks
    • Jump over red obstacle lines
    • Collect power spheres to achieve higher scores

    Opensource Example Features

    • 100% built with primitives and internally stored materials
    • Less then 75 lines of actual event code (Minus comments)
    • Demonstrates basic camera control
    • Demonstrates basic use of the Firefly Movement object
    • Shows methods for placing objects in a 3d space using Firefly
    • Deploy method of object position comparison to detect collisions
    • Provides a example of re-purposing of Objects (Nodes) that end up off screen

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    excellent !!!

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    Looks and plays pretty good. Runs very smooth too. Really impressed with Firefly so far. Will buy it soon

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