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Thread: How do I make a reload feature for a gun?

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    How do I make a reload feature for a gun?

    Is there an easy way to make a reload feature for a gun? Currently I have it so when you pickup ammo it goes straight into the gun so every time you pick some up it just gains more and you don't have to reload. I want to make it so that picking up ammo adds the ammo to the reserve then pressing R adds say 15 to the gun. Currently I have all the info stored in global values since there are multiple different weapons. Id like this to be rather easy to port over to new weapons as well if I decided to add them. Current global values

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    Unhappy this is a very basic way

    this is a very very basic way

    make a counter set to say 5 (Mario) and one to 0 (Toad)

    when you collision with a reload icon, if the counter starting with 5 (Mario) is equal to 1 or above, then add 5 to the counter with 0 (Toad)

    then if the counter starting with 0 (Toad) is equal to 5, plus pressing (reload) button, add 5 to counter (Mario)

    However your be able to reload with counter (Mario) still full which is a problem, as your waste a reload
    and its not much use with multiple weapons, sorry
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