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Thread: When I load a map after destroying a sub-application, the game crashes

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    When I load a map after destroying a sub-application, the game crashes

    Basically, I'm making a Cave Story style game engine and I've run into a problem.

    My game's maps and tiles are loaded from external files, so most gameplay takes place in one frame, with another frame being used for the inventory. The inventory is put onto the screen via the Sub-Application Object, and recently this has been causing problems during runtime. Usually I load new maps/tiles (using Tiled Map Loader) with no issue, but if I create and destroy my inventory sub-app beforehand, the game crashes when I try to load a new map and I don't know why. My hunch is that it has something to do with the sub-app doing/changing something after I destroy it and that somehow impacts the program's ability to reload the main frame with a different map. I'm really confused, so I was hoping that someone could help. Thank you in advance!

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    Does your subapp access/share external files the main frame also uses? Just an idea, but when I got crashes in my level loading routines it was usually associated to external data being blocked by one part of the code so some other object or loop fails to access it. Sometimes it helps to just delay certain operations by a couple of frames or set flags to make sure one operation is really completed before the some other complex routine starts (don┤t destroy subapp and reload your main frame within the same frame loop). I know this maybe difficult in a level loading loop, but another common approach would be to divide your code in two halfs, see what half causes the crash. Then go on with the division and narrow it down even more.

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    If you can reproduce this then you could post it in the "bug tracker" for Clickteam to look at. Upload a copy of the .mfa file or a sample test file to show the problem.

    This could be a problem with the extension.

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