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Thread: Firefly or CF 3?

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    Firefly or CF 3?

    Not 100% sure if Clickteam Fusion 3 will support 3D or if I should get Firefly now to play around with it. Can anyone suggest if I should wait for CF 3 or if Firefly is worth the price it is now?

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    I'm 100% certain one of two things is true... F3 will support 3D to at least the same capacity as F2.5, or Clickteam are the worst 'business' that ever existed. You don't release a new iteration of a product that removes a major chunk of functionality that was present in a previous iteration of the same product and expect it to sell.

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    Remember that Firefly is an expansion to version 2.5 so when it arrives for version 3 I think it will also be an expansion to that.

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