is there a (easy) way to play a random sound using internal sound player in an android project?

f'rinstance- i have say 5(00) sounds, and upon some event i want to pick one at random and play it.

this is simple if the sounds are external files, I named the files with a number ( filename_1.wav - filename_5.wav) then use the expression editor and the random range to concatenate a string, right?

but with no expession editor for "internal" sounds, I don't see an easy way.

I'm thinking i could make an event that generates the random number and stores it, and then a list of events associated with each sound.

this is not too bad for 5 items, but worse for 100 items.

is there some better way to approach this?
It seems that internal sounds are a better choice in general for an android project, but let me know