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Thread: Direction Detection using PMO?

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    Direction Detection using PMO?

    Does anyone know of a way to track directions? As in 8 directions? I have events for shooting, and things work fine when doing things like "repeat while Up is pressed", but when i add "Up+Right", it just aims to the right and completely bypasses the angled aiming. So i tried adding a counter to see if that could work, and the same thing happens. When pressing Up, it goes to 8. When pressing right it goes to 4, but when adding the Up+Right to a line it just bypasses and goes straight to 4.

    EDIT: Okay, for some reason, you have to have the main 4 directions setup in order 1st:
    Repeat while Up is pressed
    Then you have to add the diagonals afterwards....strange. Seems there should be a better way of tracking directional movement?

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    Your code will always run from top to bottom, once your entire code is finished, it draws a frame. Whats happening is that it your player will hold up and right, but because the the condition telling the game to set the players direction to 4 is last, it will set his direction to 4 right before the frame is drawn, making it seem like the up condition was never met. Consider adding negated conditions like this:
    While Up is pressed
    While Right is pressed
    While Left is NOT pressed
    >run X event.

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