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Thread: PSYCUTLERY -- psychic cyclopean silverware... in space!

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    PSYCUTLERY -- psychic cyclopean silverware... in space!

    'Sup. I'm Luke, AKA L.T. Wolffgang, AKA Thunder Dragon. Perhaps you might know me as the creator of that "Psycho Waluigi" game. But no more mooching off of others' properties-- it's time for something more original!

    I am here to address the painful lack of psychic-powered, spork-themed video games on the market today with this game-type-thing called “Psycutlery.” You should totally play it.

    Click here to totally get it!

    - Newest trailer

    - older trailer

    Run! Jump! Control silverware with your mind! CONSUME ALL!

    You play as a space traveler named “Lillian the Alien,” and you eat everything. And completely wreck everything else. And ride a unicorn.

    Perhaps you may be wondering why I called it a “game-type thing” rather than a “game.”

    That’s because I have only just begun making it, so at this point it serves as a “proof of concept” or an “engine test” or whatever fancy technobabble term you choose to describe a single playable level, whose sole purpose is to demonstrate the features and give folks some ideas about what this project will be like for when it becomes an actual game. The level herein may not even be in the final game, it’s only there to give ideas and so on.

    Many control schemes are supported, from keyboard + mouse, to keyboard only, to gamepad (Xbox controller strongly recommended!). All buttons are fully customizable, too – find a control method that is right for you!

    So, yeah, please try out the demo and let me know what you think.
    Also: if you are interested in this project, please be sure to follow my development studio, Eyes in Everything –

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    Reminds me old sega games, gameplay looks solid (finished demo).
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    Clickteam Clickteam
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    Looks really solid and I like the music.
    I put it up on the CT Facebook today.

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    Clicker Fusion 2.5
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    Well it's certainly different!
    I can't think of another game where the protagonist uses her mind to impale things with a flying fork lol.

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    I really enjoyed the video, has this nice soft indie/retro vibe which I adore. The whole idea is really unique too, I wish you the best of luck with the project!

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    This looks really impressive and love the trippyness of it all.

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    Thank you all! And a special thank you to Jeff from Clickteam for getting this a little bit of social media exposure. =)

    We have a development blog, too. Not much going on just yet, since yes, this is in the VERY early stages of development -- but I'll try to remember to post some stuff there (when I'm not actually working on the game, that is!).

    Also, an up and coming game journalism site called Gaming Reinvented did an interview with me and the musician/marketing guy on the project, despite how little of the game actually exists as of yet.
    Nonetheless, learn all about the crazy origins and what have you nots right there! ^

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    Whooooa I made an actual blog post, OH MY.

    Here, I talk about the decision to have the spork wear a ribbon (it wouldn't be decent otherwise), and foon fashion in general. WARNING: There are pictures of sporks not wearing anything within. Hide the children etc.

    ALSO: There will be many different accessories for the spork to wear! If you have any ideas on how to dress a one-eyed kitchen utensil, I'd love to hear 'em. That is, if you have any ideas for new accessory, send them my way, and they MIGHT make it into the game. Possibly.

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    New trailer showing some of the new levels and so on!
    It's kinda surreal to say "new levels," since this thing has spent like, years in the engine development phase. For the longest time, it was just a test room like what was featured in the pre-alpha demo thingy at the beginning of this thread. Hard to believe this is starting to become a thing! O:

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    Clicker Fusion 2.5 (Steam)Fusion 2.5 Developer (Steam)
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    Well I find it all quite offensive. That green ribbon/thong you have the spork wearing is like something from a Brazilian beach. It's clearly meant to titillate and sexualise, and is borderline sporknographic. I hope you include the option to dress the spork in something more wholesome, like a nice elegant business sock perhaps.

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