I have Smooth Resizing enabled in my app, and usually it works fine, but occasionally when I run the app after not running it for a while it seems to disable itself. Once that happens, it continues to be disabled whenever I run the app, even after restarting it repeatedly, until I once again don't open the app for a long time, at which point it works again.

For example, for the past week I've been trying to determine what is causing the issue, opening the app at various times under different circumstances. All week it's worked fine, until last night when I opened the app, Smooth Resizing was disabled and it stayed that way all night. This morning, however, I opened the app again and lo and behold, it was enabled again.

I have been unable to determine what exactly is causing it to be dysfunctional sometimes, but it seems to be an issue with the Exporter because if Smooth Resizing is enabled, it should work 100% of the time. This is the only bug I have left to fix before I release this version of my app and it's holding me back, so help would be appreciated!

EDIT: Continuing to mess around with it, this bug seems to occur after the app has been suspended for a period of time and is resumed via the home screen. Force restarting the app does not immediately fix the issue if it's already been triggered; however, force restarting it BEFORE resuming it prevents the bug. It also only seems to affect newer iOS devices; I've been getting it pretty consistently on my iPhone SE but I've yet to see it on my iPhone 5S or iPad 2.

Curiously, taking a screenshot of the app when Smooth Resizing isn't functional results in the screenshot being smooth, despite the app not...