Obsessed with current events, compulsively reading messages, and in the mood for making - I came up with this:

Trump Tweet or Not? - Can you distinguish between genuine Trump "tweet" messages and phonies?
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Part political cartoon, part trivia game, part how I imagine these messages are being generated, you will ask "Really?!?" at least a time or two.


my goals were to make something simple (flappy bird, cliff diver) but based on the current events that have been obsessing me - this took way longer than I imagined but it was theraputic.

wanna be in the beta group? - you can be ahead of the curve & watch me post mistakes!
I have version currently in beta, i think it is mostly good to go, but before i kick this version to production... - it has about 700 messages, and some new animations

I am looking for feedback, and my skin is thicker than Trump's, so feel free to tell me whatever.

Thanks! Dave
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