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Thread: Vertical Scrolling problems in ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 - urgent deadline approaching

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    Vertical Scrolling problems in ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 - urgent deadline approaching

    Hey, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right forum or not. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong one but this seemed like the best place to ask.

    I'm an illustrator by trade and have zero interest in technical things such as developing games I'm telling you this so y'all don't start usin all sorts of technical terms on me I won't understand. Tho back when I was younger and had more time I did fiddle around with TGF and CnC. At 33 I don't have the time to learn to program games nor do I have the interest or willpower, especially not when I absolutely love every second of being an illustrator for children's books. So imma need you to keep the answer simple if possible.

    However, as a grad school student at a design and multimedia college, as luck would have it I had to make a mock up of a game as part of a bigger project for an exam.
    Instead of going the traditional route of making an animation in AE or something I figured I'd apply my CnC knowledge as weak as it may be to this project and create an actual mock up, seemed simpler than going at it in After Effects or some such.

    Everything was going smoothly until I realized I can't scroll both vertically and horizontally properly with my playable character.

    Since I have a hard time articulating the issue in words, I made a video:

    1. I have the Always setting to center Scrolling at x0 and y0 on the character.
    2. I don't have the character Destroying itself if its too far from the playfield - I purposely showed you how I disable that in the video
    3. I've done big levels like this in TGF and CnC many times, never ran into this problem before, could it have something to do with the Ultimate Fullscreen extension?
    4. The level vertically is twice the window's vertical size
    5. horizontal scrolling works, vertical scrolling works only for a bit then stops working
    6. I want the be able to go vertically upward with the character, so I need to move the entire thing to the lower portion of the frame, except scrolling messes up when I do that as you can see.
    7. yes I will change the movement to Platform movement, I'm merely testing the scrolling atm

    NORMALLY in the past I'd have an invisible object as the playable character and what not, I only need this to look like a game not properly function like one so i won't bother with any of that stuff...I can't even remember how I'd do it but I'd make my own platforming engines and what not lol

    Guys I need this solved as soon as possible since I absolutely have to finish this in a couple days, I have massive deadlines approaching at work and juggling college and work ain't easy, especially when both involve constantly being glued to a screen and doing similar things. So I don't have the time or will to figure out frustrating lil issues like this, I need this to work so I can move on and finish this project and get back to working on my books for work.

    Yes I do have a gaming channel, I love playing video games more than anything, but I don't like making them, I did at a time then understood that my interests only go so far as creating the art.

    EDIT: If it matters I own the Steam version of Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

    EDIT 2: Somehow the problem fixed itself, I don't know how but after I changed the character's movement to platform and added some platforms it now works as it was intended.
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    ^ Now after I added platform movement and some platforms it works as intended, why I have no idea but the hero doesn't spawn
    in the wrong place anymore.

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    Oh I never posted the finished trailer for my mock up C64 inspired game

    I never had that problem again, here's the whole thing, I applied a custom made CRT Filter on top, here's an older non CRT Filtered version too:

    EDIT: The scrolling issue never popped up again, dunno what it was but it was some kind of a bug alright.
    I utlized all my Click & Create/GamesFactory knowledge for this, glad I still remembered how to do some stuff, didn't make my own platforming engine like I used to tho because the default platforming movement was enough for the trailer itself.

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