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Thread: Change Counter Max Value on Event

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    Change Counter Max Value on Event


    Im trying to create a skill tree system in an RPG i'm making. I'm trying to set it so that I spend one skill point (global value) on an option called 'HP+' in the skill tree (active system box object) to increase my Max HP (counter) by ten. My problem is that when i spend a skill point on this option my HP remains at 100 instead of rising to 110. Does anyone know how i might be able to fix this?

    Here's the example as simply as i can put it:

    When HP+ is clicked and SP >=1, set maximum value of Max HP to maxvalue( "Hero_Health" ) + 10

    Thanks in advance

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    It might help if you made a simplified example of it not working and posted it. Not only can it provide an easy to access example where people can confirm what is wrong and how to make it right, but the process of making one sometimes helps the original poster figure out what is wrong as well.

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