Forgive me if this isn't the correct place to post, I'm new to the community.

My issue is as follows, I'm using save and load frame as I have well over 30 frames in my game; this function for the most part seems to work well, loading my character in the position it was last in and all objects within the frame. It however doesn't seem to reload objects placed outside of the frame. ie. counters, text, objects that are not in visible range which leads to a broken scene when reloading. Is there any way to load all objects when loading a frame from a save, including those out of the field of view? Is this a problem that's strictly limited to the save/load frame function? Should I just switch to saving via ini file (something I'd like to ideally avoid)?

Pre-Thanks for any help offered!

For further clarification:

Before the save; approaching a door will have text reading 'declined' appear. This text is stored outside of the visible frame and moved in place when the character crosses the threshold.

After loading a save; approaching the same door will not have the text appear. This text along with other objects outside the visible frame has not loaded.