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Thread: Help understanding the "Game - Platformer" example

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    Question Help understanding the "Game - Platformer" example

    There isn't much documentation that I can find for this example other than the two short comments in the event editor. I am assuming that the purpose of setting the Y coordinate of every object to (([object] - 300 ) * 1) is to make it so that the scene does not appear to be upside-down due to the origin point of the 2D window being at the top-left corner, and that 3D objects are either created or moved depending on it's corresponding 2D object in the frame editor. If so, how does (([object] - 300 ) * 1) help prevent the scene from appearing upside-down? If not, what is the purpose of doing this, and how is the scene kept from being upside-down?

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    Its been a while since I looked at it. I believe that is done to position the object correctly in the 3d space as it relates to the 2d object it is mapped to, a corr conversion if you will. We need a better platformer example for sure.

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    Yes, Kisguri, Yes we need better examples.

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