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Thread: Is there any way to make an "autofill" function in a text box?

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    Question Is there any way to make an "autofill" function in a text box?

    Currently working on a university assignment where I'm making a game in which I need the player to be able to 'search' for certain answers on google within the game. I decided the best way to do this is to make one word in another part of the game bold as to hint to search for that, and from there they can navigate to the 'pages' related to it.

    For example, a player needs to look up "What's the best APPLE?" they would start typing "apple" into a pseudo google/search page to which would come up with other queries including the term the player is seeking. The other queries will just be flavour text/filling in for other sections in which the search functions needed.

    Anybody got any ideas of how I'd go about making a text box that the player can use & live detect what's being typed? If not, any other suggestions of how you'd go about this kinda idea given the context.

    Thanks c:

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    I've done something related myself just recently, actually. I don't think it's exactly what you need, but I built a little "phrase menu" tool for myself. As I type, it narrows down a list of phrases that I can select (the top bit with "omni" in it is the edit box, and the rest is a List Object, which is separate):

    Below is the key code for it. I've included the bottom 2 events for completeness' sake, but you can probably ignore them. Just focus on the top event (#168) and it'll hopefully give you enough to go on for your needs. Basically, I use an "Edit Box" object and an Active Object (I've changed the icons for both so have marked them on the screenshot to avoid confusion) and the "Compare 2 general values" condition:

    So, event #168 continually compares (a) what the user has typed with (b) an alterable string called previousSearchTerm to see if they're different. When the MFA first runs, previousSearchTerm is empty, which means that as soon as the user types anything, this event triggers. Whenever it triggers, it saves the current contents of the editbox into previousSearchTerm, and does something (in my case, it runs some loops to cull a list of items; in your case you could pop up your flavour text or whatever it is you need to do). Since we've saved the edit box contents (a) into previousSearchTerm (b), they are now the same. But any time the user types another key or presses backspace, (a) and (b) will be different again, and the event will trigger again.

    Hopefully I was clear enough to be of help.

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