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Thread: wraparound equations for a top down shooter - all directions

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    @aenever - Handy! May have to look at adapting that system. Didn't really consider joypad movement but keypad works just as well.

    In other news, the 32dir verison works fine and looks pretty, but any other moving parts are going to be an absolute nightmare to get working. Since Movement is tied up with the positional events relative to the player, any other character wishing to move is going to have to use some other, no doubt very complex system.

    Back to the drawing board.

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    Moments like these I feel like a genius

    Iteration 3 and 4.

    Frame 3 is a new method of moving the world around the player - It compares the position of the object Move Marker from tick to tick, and adjusts the objects that need to stay 'static' as appropriate, discarding the 32dir ball movement that was used.

    Frame 4 introduces a friend that can be moved independently of the world using 32dir ball movement, but is also subjected to the displacement events like the asteroids.

    Lemme know your thoughts! I'd like to make it smoother, and next test will be blowing it all up to a larger playfield and more detailed sprites to see how it handles. I think that may help to hide some of the 'jump' that happens, especially on Player 2 when it's moving across the axis of the terrain movement.
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