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Thread: Installing Clickteam APK with error

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    Exclamation Installing Clickteam APK with error

    Hi, I exported one of my games to android and it exported just fine and everything. When I transfer the file over to my android device it gets an error when I try to install it. I get a message that says "there was a problem parsing the package" does anyone know the solution to this problem or is it just a global bug? Thanks!

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    Thats pretty weird if the APK was built and didn't report an error.
    Are you sure your device is set to developer mode? if your running a game you didn't sign.

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    Check file size of the apk. I bet your transfer wasn't complete and your apk is corrupt on the phone. You can also try build and run app directly in Fusion and ADB connect device to transfer and test your game.
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    I do use developer its just when I export the file it is actually really small and doesn't install on my phone. Any suggestions?

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    does it create a proper APK file?
    do you have the folders pointed to the SDK etc ?
    What API version do you use? (you can't use API 25. use 24)

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    I will try Perry's trick and I will be sure to give feedback on the result. Thanks

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